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Title Role Director Production / Studio
Wesley's Mysterious File (Lam Hu Yan) Featured Wai Keung Lau China Star, Hong Kong (2002)
The Avenging Fist (Kuen sun) Voice Wai Keung Lau Stareast BOB Ltd., Hong Kong (2001)
Gen-Y-Cops (Tejing xinrenlei 2) Supporting Benny Chan Regent Entertainment, USA + Media Asia Films/ Jackie Chan Presents, Hong Kong (2000)
Purple Storm Featured Teddy Chan Media Asia Films, Hong Kong (1999)
Pride (Puraido) Supporting Ito, Shunya Toei Film Productions Ltd., Japan (1998)
Legal Aliens Supporting Kermit Carvel Carvel Productions, Japan (1997)
Copycat Featured-bit SAG Jon Amiel Regency Enterprises, USA (1995)
L.A. Story Featured Mick Jackson Carolco Pictures + Tri-Star Pictures, USA (1991)
For the Boys Featured Mark Rydell 20th Century Fox, USA (1991)

Title Role Episode Production / Location
Would You Like Dim Sum? Lead ETV Visiting HKG1 Pearl, World (RTHK) Hong Kong
Don't Be Afraid to Bargain Lead ETV Visiting HKG1 Pearl, World (RTHK) Hong Kong
Night Court Featured-bit Blues of a Birth NBC, USA
Fugitive Nights Stand-in (S. Elliot) TV movie Columbia Pictures, USA
Hunter Featured Multiple NBC, USA
China Beach Featured Multiple Warner Brothers, USA

Title Role Theater Location
Canterbury Tales Prince Palm Springs Stage California
The Curious Savage Senator Titus Savage Preston Community Stage Iowa
What's Wrong With the Girls The Chairman Preston Community Stage Iowa

Title Role Production Location
Kelloggs-Bagel Lead Dentsu Japan
Kentucky Fried 'Zinger' Chicken Supporting Hakuhodo Japan
Otsuka Seiyaku - "Goki-Jeto" Supporting Dentsu Japan
Ulferts Furniture Supporting Director's Network Asia Hong Kong
Seibel Systems Featured Spellbound Productions USA

Title Media Production Location
Leslie Nielsen's Bad Golf My Way Video Rocket Pictures USA
Smartone (Spiderman) Event V.O. Videa Productions Hong Kong
New World Group Video V.O. Studio One Productions Hong Kong
US Under Attack VCD V.O. Xin Hua News Corp. China
Western Union Video V.O. Inpoint Digital Hong Kong
Wonder of Wonders (13 episodes) VCD V.O. Medialogic Productions Hong Kong
Verisign Video V.O. ETVision Hong Kong
Toyota - Cresta Video Hakuhodo Japan
Pacific Century Cyber Works Video Kiwi Films Hong Kong

School Instructor Location Area of Study
University of Southern California Paul Backer Los Angeles, CA Acting for Film
University of Southern California Joe Hacker Los Angeles, CA Acting for Camera Auditions
University of Southern California Dept. Faculty Degree Los Angeles, CA Degree - '00 Bachelor of Arts / International Relations w/ P. Arts
College of the Desert Phil Bauher Palm Springs, CA Announcing for Radio / TV
Waseda University Dept. Faculty Tokyo, Japan Int'l Relations / Japanese Lang.

Languages English accents; Japanese - proficient
Driving & Sports Horse, all vehicles (truck, car, motorcycle) driving; Table Tennis, Basketball & all court sports
Others Dance: Hip Hop, Ballroom, all fundamentals; Music Video; Singing; Fencing/Fighting
Farming: (Iowa family dairy) operations, equipment and vehicles
Military: (US Army/CA Nat'l Guard, Sergeant) doctrine, operations, weapons and vehicles

SAG eligible
Height: 5'11     Eyes: Hazel Brown     Hair: Brown