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Dear Industry Professionals and Friends,

Welcome, and thank you for visiting. Through my website I am happy to share some of the past performance works I've done in the industry which I love.

From Iowa, I am USA grown, Los Angeles trained, but globally active and mobile, therefore, ready for a work opportunity you may have to offer - regardless of location. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

Looking forward to your acquaintance.

Brian Banowetz

Telephone: +86 186 1006 9067 联系方式:中国:
Hong Kong +852 3005 7234
MSN: brianbanowetz@hotmail.com
Email actorbrian.com@gmail.com

网络电话: FOR Skype: talkbrian
电子邮箱 FOR MSN: brianbanowetz@hotmai......
"BRIAN": 布莱恩
"BANOWETZ": •班洛维ࠥ

General Casting Resources: →大体的角色资源
  • Video clip →自我介绍视频
  • Suits (Photo) →正装照
  • Casual (Photo) →生活照

    • First Impression: Compelling eyes, voice, and smile.
    • Adjectives: Sturdy, controlled, cozy (through talking).
    • Actor Types: Powerful (politician, military); White collar professional; "DAD".
    • "Thought of" as: a German Shepard (dog), Power Lunch (food); Forest Green
    • Role for TV: Legal, family, medical, character actor.
    • Role for Film: Serious/Adult dramatic; romantic comedy; westerns.
  • ABOUT THE ACTOR: Brian Banowetz

    Brian trained with leading film acting and theater instructors while completing a degree at University of Southern California. Through acting in the film Copycat (1995), he is Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) eligible making him all the more ready for bigger pursuits in the industry.

    A passion for acting began early for Brian as he performed in school/community theater productions (The Curious Savage, Canterbury Tales) as well as, all along in little "negotiation skits" with eight siblings and strict parents while growing up on an Iowa dairy farm. Striving to do more acting, Brian began working in Los Angeles, and later, various locations in Asia. The past +10 years have enabled him to build a resume which now includes a USA .debut. of sorts on TV (Night Court w/ Harry Anderson), feature film projects (Gen-Y Cops (2000) w/ Paul Rudd), (Naked Weapon (2002) w/ Daniel Wu 吴彦祖), TV commercials (Kelloggs, KFC, etc.), and numerous voice-over projects. To complement his abilities and strengthen his focus on film acting, Brian's pursuit of becoming "well-rounded" has led him to weave in a splintering array of life experience including: global travel, military (rank of Army Sergeant - CANG), and university study in Japanese Language (proficient) and International Relations (BA).

    For Brian, working as an actor has truly emerged as his life calling. It is a pursuit in which he says he feels at "home" in doing so; and therefore able to be "all of himself". He concludes, "There is no greater feeling than to be able to do what makes you feel alive, wanted, and happily inspired - all while helping other people become moved and entertained through the work-of-art that results."

    "Let us endeavor to help each other live our best life by each of us contributing our best in all that we do."